“Elysia Jordan portrays Rosalie so adeptly that if one had not known she was the understudy, the assumption would be that she’s performed it consistently for the past few years. There’s a palpable depth to Jordan’s Rosalie – who is at once prim and properly mature yet also yearns to rediscover not only Stevie Nicks, but her own individuality buried under the bureaucratic demands of her vocation. Jordan is also superlatively endearing as Rosalie even when she admonishes Dewey for being late or is being generally obstinate. Furthermore, and perhaps most notably, when Jordan shows off the beautiful coloratura of her voice while vocalizing in “Queen of the Night,” and belts with an unyielding desire to find the past that eluded her character during “Where Did the Rock Go?”, we can’t help but bask in the success of her triumphant performance.” on SCHOOL OF ROCK

“Jordan is downright terrific as Rosalie, and just wait till the principal hits rafters-high notes in “Where Did The Rock Go?”
-Stage Scene LA on SCHOOL OF ROCK

“Mother’s letter is a definite tear jerking moment in this show and is excellently executed by Elysia Jordan. She and Nicholas have the audience in the palm of their hand in this number in both the first and second act. Elysia’s voice is magnificent.”
-The Theatre Mirror on North Shore Music Theatre’s Billy Elliott

Elysia Jordan is a gentle, radiant apparition of Billy’s deceased mother.
-BroadwayWorld on The Ogunquit Playhouse’s BILLY ELLIOT

“Elysia Jordan is sweet and touching as Billy’s dead mum. The scenes involving the reading and singing of the letters she wrote to Billy might move you to tears.”
-Wicked Local on North Shore Music Theatre’s BILLY ELLIOT

“Elysia has a gorgeous voice, and her duet with Anastasia in The Letter is simply stunning – about the best I have heard anywhere. She also seems at ease in the role of Billy’s mum.”

His lovely, deceased mother comes to him, bringing love and light into his life. Broadway veteran actress Anastasia Barzee shines as crusty ballet teacher, Mrs. Wilkinson, and is a mirror image to Elysia Jordan’s ethereal demeanor as Billy’s Mum.
-The Theatre Mirror on Ogunquit Playhouse’s BILLY ELLIOT

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